Effect of Blending on Selected of Sweet Potato Flour with Wheat Flour on Nutritional, Antinutritional and Sensory Qualities of Bread

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Addis Ababa University


\ fl lrilionul and anlinlilrilional Slal fls of' ),eIIOlI'. lI 'ilile and orange fleshed sweel pOlalOes I ilJOlI1oea halalas I.. Lam) in Iheir r ('/II/ rools flnpeeled and peeled as well as effeci of' hiending I'IIl io on n/llrilional. anlinulrilionai and qualilies allribules of breads made/i'om orange sweel I'olala and wheal composile flours were sludied Nfllrilionai and anlinulrilionai values of Ihree .lIl'eel pOlCilO varielies were signi/icanlly (p<{).05) \'aried due 10 cullivar. processing and imeraClion Orange sweel pOlalo variel), conlaillS highesl level of 11I0islure. fal. ash. curboi7ydr(lI e. energy. calcium and iron in flnpeeled ond/iber, maislure, /CII, ash. calcium, iron lind ~ in c in peeled On Ihe alher hand. yelloll' Sll'eel palalO variely conlains highesl level of' I'mlein, phylale. in bOlh unpeeled and peeled while highesl value of/iber, oxalale and ICinnin in unpeeif.!d tlflhi/e s\I 'eel po/aID variely lII(ts/olll1d il1 inlel'lnediclle position jor nutrienfs compared If) IIlher clillimrs. Due 10 peeling, fOl. carhohydmle and energy values were signi/icanlly iNcreased bill all olher paramelers were signi/icanlly decreased. Because of ils polenlial source 0/ nUlriel7lS orange sweel POICiIO cul/ivar was selecledlor bread making and six blending ralio.1 oj' ils/lour lVilh wheal flour (0:100, 5.·1}5. 101}0. and 25' 75) \!'ere designed. WeI glllien and WaleI' absorplion capacily lI'as decreused and increased, respeclively as blending n llio o/sweel POWlof/our increases. Il/aeC/se s\l'"el pololO flour in blending ralio signijicanlly i''ICI'eased loaf' weighl, moislure, ash, fiber. corboh),drale, calcium, iron and zinc conlenl of' "reads and decreased in loa/size, proleil/. PII. energy. phosphorus and phylale. o/'lhe breads . . ':ppearance. aroma. laSl e, maulh feel Clnd overall (fcceplabilily 0/ conlrol bread were /11o/'e [!rcji;rred Ihon .1'\Veel pOlalojlour supplemenleci hreads. However, breads made /Ising 15% Sll'ee/ rulalo /10111' supplemel1led accepled by conSlllllers. Ihis leads 10 conclusion Ihal nUlrilional i/npmved, onlinUlrilianal reduced ond conS/llller occeplable breads can be prepared hy .IIIJlplemenling III' 10 15% SPF in WF I:cy words: Ant inutritional Factors. Blending ratio. 13rcads, r unct ional Prope rties. Mineral. Proximate. Quality Pa ramet ers, Senso ry Attributes, Sweet potato, Variety.



Ant inutritional Factors, Blending ratio, Brcads, functional Properties, Mineral, Proximate, Quality Parameters, Sensory Attributes, Sweet potato, Variety