Workforce Development: Career Development, Preparation and Readiness of Undergraduates to Join the Workforce The Case of Sociology and Social Anthropology and Psychology Students in Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


The central focus of the paper is to review and analyze the existing status of workforce development. Students do not get services that can shape their career future and are not exposed to the work environment to exercise their academic training. Therefore, it is apparent to ask where does one prepare to enter to the workforce: Is it before or after graduating from the university that students learn about the work environment? Both qualitative and quantitative data is collected from undergraduate students, employing agencies and recent graduates who join the workforce. Respondents were randomly selected from the departments of Sociology and Social Anthropology (SoSa) and Psychology by using stratified random sampling technique with fair representation of both sexes. Key informants' interview and group discussion guides were employed to collect information from possible employing organizations and young adults who join the workforce recently while structured questionnaire was used to collect firsthand information from undergraduate students. Different competency models were reviewed and used with some modification to fit the purpose of the research. The finding of the study has clearly revealed the existing gap between supply (university education) and demand (employers' expectation) and lack of career services to guide students in the process of their career development. This in general affects the effort of the university in producing competent workforce. Therefore, it is commendable that the university should give emphasis on the issue and work with the respective departments to meet the demands of employers as well as incorporate learning-for-work in the education system so that students will have a smooth transition from school to work environment. It is also suggested that the university should strengthen and establish career services in all the campuses



Social Work