Patient satisfaction on inpatient psychiatric care at Amanuel mental specialized hospital. Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. A qualitative study

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Addis Ababa University


Background:-Patient satisfaction has been recognized as essential component and reliable indicator for quality of patient care. Identifying factors which affect patient satisfaction and working to improve it will improve patient related treatment out comes like compliance to treatment. There are factors that are considered to affect psychiatric inpatient satisfaction such as relation with staff, environmental factors and treatment related factors etc. Objective: - The objective of this study was to explore patient satisfaction in psychiatric inpatient care and associated factors in a specialized mental hospital. Method:-User led semi-structured in depth interview was done on sixteen patients who were using the inpatient care in the hospital. Results: - Participants reported that they had high level of satisfaction with regards to; relation with staff, safety of self, ward cleanliness and comfort, opportunity for activity and the treatment for their illness. However less satisfaction was reported in other areas of need such as involvement in treatment decision, information provision, safety of property, freedom of movement, quality of food and duration of stay in the hospital. Conclusion:-The results of this study are generally in line with the results established in the literature. It provides insight about areas of the inpatient care that can be improved to optimize patient satisfaction in this setting and so the quality of care which in turn could bring about desired patient behaviors with regard to their treatment to enhance their mental wellbeing and quality of life



Patient satisfaction,