An Investigation Of The Professional Relationship In The Practicum With Particular Reference To Third Year Language Major Students In Kotebe College Of Teacher Education(Kcte)

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This research paper was aims at investigating the professional relationship in the practicum between language major third year students, tutors and cooperating teachers assigned to work with them in Practicum III. The paper was designed to investigate the professional relationship among the practicum participants in 2005/06 in KCTE and the cooperating teachers in the schools the students go to do practicum activities. It thus investi1ated the extent to which tutors at KCTE and cooperating English teachers in the selected 2n cycle primary schools perceive their supporting roles and participate in guiding and supporting the student-teachers who were assigned to work with them. Four basic questions were asked to find out the prevailing situation. The questions were: What is the nature of professional support tutors and cooperating teachers offer to student teachers in Practicum III factual teaching practice? What factors affect the extent of the professional support that has to be offered by tutors and teachers? To what extent do the perceptions each participant (tutors, teachers, and student-teachers) affect professional relationship in the practicum? What can be done to improve the professional relationship in the practicum situation in KCTE? To find answers to these questions, different instruments were designed and administered. Three sets of questionnaire were developed and administered. Each set went to different subjects: a set to 60 third year language major students, a set to 14 tutors at KCTE, and another set to 22 to 2nd cycle primary school English teachers. Interviews were also conducted with the practicum coordinator at KCTE, 5 tutors and 7 student-teachers. Furthermore, classroom/school observation was made, and feedback conferences attended. This study revealed the type of professional relationship among the subjects of the study. It has assessed the understanding, effectiveness of relationship and roles of practicum partners: cooperating teachers, student-teachers and tutors. Although it was found that there is a considerable good intent within the members of the practicum, the situation has been less than it should have been for all the members. During the interviews held with the tutors they admitted that they did not support the students as much as they should. The majority of the students perceived the practicum to be indispensable. They believed that it has too many activities, although enjoyable. They also said the time allotted for teaching practice is short. Students perceived that peers, teachers and tutors were not supportive enough. It was generally felt by many §tudents thJlt this might be due to their lack of time or awareness about how their support is essential for the development of the students' future profession. Based on the findings, recommendations were also made so that the practice in KCTE may improve and professional reiationships in the practicum become stronger.



cycle primary schools perceive their supporting roles