Implementation of Tobacco Smoke-free Laws in Addis Ababa: The Case of Four and Fivestar Hotels.

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Addis Ababa


This study examines the implementation of Tobacco smoke-free laws in Addis Ababa by taking four and five-star hotels. The study was conducted in Addis Ababa as a case. This study employed a qualitative research methodology and both primary and secondary sources of data are used. The respondents for the interview were selected through purposive sampling method. The purpose was to select respondents who have knowledge and information about the issue under investigation. In addition, observation has also been carried out in some selected hotels to reinforce data collection through interview. The study revealed that the Tobacco smoke-free law of the Federal Proclamation No.1112/2019 is compatible with the international law of WHO FCTC and its guideline smoke-free law requirements, however due to hotel managers/owners lack of awareness about the law, the hotels compliance to the Tobacco smoke-free law requirements was low, The research noted that enforcement mechanisms used by regulatory organs are good. Finally, the study recommends that the Ethiopian government needs to increase awareness about the law and strength its regulatory organs to implement smoke-free law.



Smoke-free law, Secondhand smoke, WHO,FCTC.