Knowledge, practice and associated factors about Glasgow coma scale assessment among nurses working in adult intensive care units of federally administered hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Glasgow Coma Scale is an important tool in assessing patients' level ofconsciousness. An assessment of GCS is considered a primary action of nurses who carefor patients with neurological or neurosurgical problems. However, still, now many kindsof literature review showed that most of the nurses did not consider Glasgow coma scale assessment as their scopes. Therefore this study had assessed the knowledge, practice, and factors affecting Glasgow coma scale assessment among nurses working in adultintensive care units of Addis Ababa federally administered hospitals, Ethiopia. Objectives: To assess knowledge, practice and associated factors of nurses towardsGlasgow coma scale assessment among nurses working in adult intensive care units offederally administered hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from April 4-24, 2020, G.C. Methods: Institutional based cross-sectional study with a structured self-administered questionnaire was conducted from April 4-24 among 126 AICU nurses in Addis Ababafederally administered hospitals in Ethiopia. The collected data were entered into Epi-data version 4.6 and exported to SPSS version 21.0 software for analysis. Associationsbetween independent variables and dependent variables will be analyzed by using bivariate and multivariate logistic regression. Result: -This study revealed that while many nurses may have knowledge about the basictheoretical concepts of the GCS, they are not able to apply that basic knowledge in clinical scenarios. In addition, education level and sex were factors significantlyassociated with nurses’ levels of knowledge and clinical practice. Conclusion: -The findings from this study showed that nurses had low levels ofknowledge and clinical practice about the Glasgow coma scale.



Glasgow coma scale, knowledge, practice, intensive care unit