Assessment of Customer Satisfaction and Challenges in Electronic Banking System the Case of Oromia International Bank”,

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Addis Ababa University


The general objective of the study was to assess customer satisfaction and challenges in electronic banking system, the case of Oromia International Bank. Based on the objectives the study tried to address the basic questions of what are the products of e-banking service offered by OIB, what is the level of customer satisfaction at OIB, what problem do customer face in using e-banking service. The sampling method that used in the study was incidental sampling techniques. By using the incidental sampling techniques 100 respondents were participated to respond the questions. Descriptive method was used for analyzing data obtained from questionnaire and data gathered from interview. The general finding of the study showed that 70% customers were highly satisfied on e-banking products. The findings further suggested that customer negative perception about service delivery of the bank has significantly changed given the introduction of electronic banking products. It’s been recommended that management of Oromia International Bank invest massively in IT in order to further promote efficient and smooth service delivery. There is also the need to extensively develop more E-banking products and to do extensive customer education to enable more customers patronize.


A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Public Administration and Development Management of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters in Public Management and Policy (MPMP)


Customer Satisfaction, Electronic Banking