Child Neglect in Ethiopia: The Case of Simada Woreda, South Gondar

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This research explored on the issue of child neglect in Simada Woreda, South Gondar with particular reference to three Kebeles. The main objectives of this study were: unlocking the problems of neglect children encountered in domestic, school and community, identifying different forms of neglect children undergo with and detecting the possible causes pro to child neglect with their potential consequences. In order to reach at the stated objectives, qualitative data collection method pertaining to different research questions of the study got suitable. Unstructured interview using interview guide meant to avoid any red herring on the main objective of the research; observation of the natural setting supported with photography and, key informant interviews were used. Children as a consequence of their immaturity are visage to various form of neglect. It was uncovered through the undertaking of this research that educational, physical, medical, lack of supervision and response, psychological, early marriage found as forms of child neglect that claims the lives of dozen or paralyze their smooth development. In this study, rural dwelling, illiteracy, poverty, domestic violence, ill family formation, poor social welfare facility are a perpetuate issues that have came into picture as the causes of child neglect. The findings further reveal that neglected children have a long lasting damaging effect on their life in terms of physical and mental development. At worse child neglect claims their life. Thus, for everyone who dies as a result of neglect, many more are suffer from a range of physical, emotional and mental health problems. Ethiopia has been adopted and signed many national and international child rights instruments and other relevant international human right documents. However, state institutions and agencies charged with the defense and promotion of internationally recognized child rights is ineffective. Thus, children do not fully enjoy those rights and entitlements enshrined in those international and national documents.



Child Neglect