Sub-Structure Optimization for High Rise Building Using Brute Force Optimization

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This study is entitled as “Sub Structure Optimization for High Rise Building using Brute Force Optimization”, and includes the concept of two different streams i.e. Optimization and Design of Concrete Sub-Structure. Previous researches such as “Optimum Design of Pile Foundation by Automatic Grouping Genetic Algorithms” by Xiaofeng Liu, Gengdong Cheng et al. optimized pile and pile cap separately, by first optimizing the piles and then designing a pile cap for the optimal pile design, however this does not consider the effect of piles in the optimization of the pile cap. This thesis employed Brute Force Optimization to optimize pile and pile cap simultaneously and take into account the effect of piles in the optimization of the pile cap. For the optimization formulation of the foundation types, the desired variable chosen for pile cap are the depth, length and width of the pile cap, while for Pile foundation the desired variables chosen are the number of piles in the X, the number of piles in the Y, the diameter of the pile, the height of the pile and the depth of the pile cap. These variables will help minimize or optimize the objective function by reducing the cost of material and excavation. The foundations will be designed based on EC7. A computer program using Java is developed to design an optimum foundation design for any particular case within the scope of this study. The optimized design is checked using hand calculation by simple example to determine its correctness and accuracy.



Brute Force Optimization, Sub-Structure Optimization, Design of Concrete SubStructure, Java