Micro and Small Enterprises Opportunity of and Challenges against Persons with Disabilities: The Case of physical, Hearing and Visually Impaired in Yeka Sub-City

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Addis Ababa University


This research aims to made an assessment on the challenges and opportunities of persons with disability who engaged in micro and small enterprises with a special emphasizes on three types of impairment physical, hearing and visual in Yeka sub-city, Addis Ababa. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of this study, both primary and secondary method of data collection were implemented. In the case of sampling among 78 PWDs who engaged in MSEs 65 were purposively selected as a sampling unit for the assessment and filed in the questionnaire. And then, the responses were gathered, checked, edited and entered into SPSS computer package, processed and analyzed by using descriptive method and economic growth test method. The result of the assessment clearly shows that for all types of impairment most of the existing infrastructure market place and bazar place in most cases not accessible for them. On the other hand they also face a challenge on the availability of market. On the contrary this research reveals that technical and vocational training is an opportunity for them to join MSEs. The other finding in this research the rules and regulation specifically shade/building benefited them to engage in this sector and it is an opportunity for them. On the other hand the growth rate taste shows an increment on their income on average by 26.28%. The overall result shows that even if there were abundant challenges encounter by PWDs they can achieve an income increment. Therefore, the necessary adjustment must be taken for financial matter, access ability issue and market availability by the government, concerned stakeholder and a community at large to make them more productive than before



Accessibility; Availability PWDs; MSEs; income