Internal Organisational Communication Audit of Hibret Bank Head Office

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the internal organizational communication of Hibret Bank Head Office. This study adopted a hybrid communication satisfaction questionnaire administered to 138 respondents and In-depth interview was conducted with four chief officers. In the study descriptive statistical method of analysis is used to analyse the quantitative data and the quantitative data was analysed through descriptive statistical method of analysis using SPSS .The findings in the study indicated that the internal organizational communication at Hibret Bank Head Office Addis Ababa is characterized mostly by down ward communication and inconsistent information flow. The communication channels are also designed to serve only downward communication. Much is needed to enhance the internal organizational communication at Hibret Bank. As shown in the findings of the study the internal organizational communication mostly serves to communicate employees about policies, procedures, manual and changes within the bank. Upward and Downward communication at Hibret Bank is found to be weak based on the findings from the questionnaire and the interview. Though there is a platform which is used as private conversation channel between employees and the Chief Executive Officer the information flow in the bank should be revised. To this end upward and horizontal communication directions should be deployed to have effective and efficient internal organization communication within the bank as clearly stated in the findings of the questionnaire and the in-depth interview. It is also revealed in the study finding that the overall internal organizational communication practice at Hibret Bank Head Office should be revisited. Moreover, the communication channels need to be tailored to serve its intended purpose and also enable employees to actively engage in the internal communication process.



Organizational communication, Communication audit, Measurement