Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Female Genital Mutilation among the Community of Gursum Woreda Somali Regional State of Eastern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a worldwide complex, deeply rooted practice and affecting almost all ethnic groups. FGM is widely practiced by Ethiopian women, specially, in Eastern part, Somali region. The practice affects the health and psychological well-being of millions of Ethiopian women and children.Moreover, it is a violation of child’s and women’s human rights, denying them of their physical and mental integrity and their right to freedom from violence, torture and discrimination. Psychosexual, social, hygienic and religious reasons are given for the practice.The objective of this study is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of FGM among the community of Gursum Woreda, Somali Regional State of Eastern Ethiopia. A quantitative cross sectional research method was employed and a total of 430 respondents participate in this study.The ordinal regression method was used to model the relationship between the orderedcategorical outcome variable, the support for the practice of FGM and the explanatory variables concerning demographics, knowledge and attitude towards the practice.The findings of the study reveals that age, education and religion of socio economic factors, knowledge and attitude towards the practice found to be statistically determinants for the support for the continuation of the practice of FGMin the study area.Increasing awareness and knowledge on the ill effect of FGM, community empowerment, girls and women education and empowerment, encouraging men involvement, working in collaboration with religious leaders, advocacy for implementation of existing policies and anti-FGM legislation were recommended to bring about change of attitude and social behavioral change towards FGM in the study area. Keywords: female genital mutilation; knowledge; attitude, practice



Female Genital Mutilation; Knowledge; Attitude; Practice