A Hybrid Cloud Computing and Service Environment for Ethiopian Banks

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Addis Ababa University


Information technology is the common element for all the industries this days. Consequently any important change in this area will have a direct or indirect impact on small and large scale organizations. One of the technologies that have an influence on IT is cloud computing. Due to the importance and sensitive nature of data/applications used by financial institutions, and other factors such as, competitions, changing customer, and line of business needs, Ethiopian banks face problems in providing necessary services to customers, allies, and employees, by using the ideal channel at any time. The main goal of this research is to examine how Cloud computing could change the way services are provided to customers, employees job satisfaction for Ethiopian banks. In order to do so, a proposed cloud model has been introduced based on existing cloud models and services in combination with the opinion of IT experts from selected Ethiopian banks. Literature review and Interview were used as the research methodology for this thesis. Detailed study regarding cloud computing, services, models, and its security has been done. Moreover interview was selected for gathering opinions from the selected IT leaders and experts of the banks. The general architecture, its features that form cloud infrastructure, best practices in other countries, were also explored in this paper. In this research I proposed Hybrid Cloud Computing model consisting Private Cloud and Community Cloud model. This proposed model would have the advantage of effective, efficient, reduced IT investment cost, reduce time to maintain system failures, and improve employee’s satisfaction for delivering better banking services to customers.



Cloud Computing, Cloud Model, Ethiopian Banks