Assessment of the Abuse of Ethiopian Women Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia

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Addis Ababa University


Women migrant workers claim a significant component of the labor force in the Arab labor market. Over the past few years, the Plight of migrant workers has been reported in the Gulf due to the persistent exploitation and abuse of their rights. The purpose of this study is to highlight the sources of the predicaments Ethiopian Women migrant workers are facing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These problems include; forced long working hours of up to 20 hours a day; seven days a week, unpaid wages and salaries, physical violence, rape, crime and other forms of exploitation. The international division of labor proposes that the reproduction activities have been progressively commodity in the context of the global market economy. As such our study uses in depth interviews and questionnaires to investigate and enumerate the root causes that contributing the abuse of Ethiopian women migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. The scope of this thesis is limited to women Saudi returnees who are engaged in small scale enterprises through Addis Ababa Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs those returnee workers who use both illegal and legal means of recruitment process through PEAs. In addition, the approach of this study is narrowed down to focusing on abuse, exploitation, trends and practices of migrant workers in the Gulf Countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia. The themes of the result from interviews and questioner are discussed with relevant theoretical explanations provided in the research study



Ethiopian Women migrant