Opportunities and Challenges of Community Based Natural Resource Management in Menz-Guassa Community Conservation Area, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Nowadays, the degradation of biodiversity reaches its climax due to lack of sustainable natural resource management even if some areas saved from total damage by the indigenous community conservation practices for seeks of the commons. This study tries to investigate the challenges and opportunities of Menz-Guassa Community Conservation Area (MGCCA) of Ethiopia, the exemplary area of community conserved area for the last 400 years in the Eastern Africa. To examine the current status of the area in terms of challenges and opportunities (in-depth interview, focus group discussion and key informant interview) methods were employed. The data obtained analyzed in descriptive ways. Lack of awareness of local communities about government interfere conservation practice and their threat, land policy issues, shortage of farm land and population increment, drought and poverty etc were identified as major challenges of MGCCA. While the interference of governmental and nongovernmental parties, accreditation of formal law, interest and values of the community to conserve MGCCA, the moving of the world to green revolution, expansion of culture and tourism sectors, local communities indigenous consciousness to conserve natural resources identified as opportunities. Similar to other developing countries Ethiopian people’s also practiced conservations for direct benefits solely. Accordingly, the researcher recommended that urgent intervention of governmental and nongovernmental organizations is needed mainly to alleviate farmers economic problems, empowering religious and local leaders for more integrated conservation with sense of ownership and increasing public awareness through education about the benefit of community conservation areas to encourage existing practices and save similar areas. Key words: Common Property Resource, Community Conservation Area, Opportunities, Challenge’s, Prospects, Menz Gera Midir Woreda, Afro Alpine



Common Property Resource, Community Conservation Area, Opportunities, Challenge’s Prospects, Menz Gera Midir Woreda, Afro Alpine