Households’ willingness to pay for box type solar cooker: in selected Condominium Site residents, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This examination was chiefly pointed toward assessing the tested families' ability to pay for sun oriented cooker with a coating wiper instrument in the investigation region. All the more explicitly, this examination attempted to evaluate the socio-segment attributes of the family units, gauge ability to pay for box type sunlight based cooker with a coating wiper instrument and to break down determinants of eagerness to pay. In the investigation, the technique for Contingent Valuation (CV) was utilized to direct a top to bottom meeting with 248 families who dwells in the condo locales of the chose woredas of Addis Ababa city. Probit model was utilized to investigate the deciding variables of WTP. Notwithstanding probit model, bivariate probit model was also additionally utilized. The mean eagerness to pay was assessed to be Birr 7280 (186.7 USD) per family unit. Which is higher than the current market cost of the planned sun oriented cooker, for example normal of Birr 6500 (166.7 USD).The total WTP for the proposed is 1,442,168,000 birr, and from open finished inquiries the complete WTP was additionally figured as 1,386,700,000 birr. The exact discoveries on the determinants of WTP demonstrated that pay of the family, house status, family unit size; schooling level, female heads, hitched heads, admittance to environmentally friendly power energy data and distance from home to the closest wood and charcoal market were significantly and emphatically influencing family ability to pay for the proposed framework. Then again the offer offered, and age of the head, were found to have significant reverse relationship with eagerness to pay. A portion of the emphatically influencing factors, (for example, pay, house status, schooling, and family size) are critical to enabling choice makings.