The Experiances of Adoptive Parents with Domestic Adoption

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to explore the experiences of Ethiopian adoptive families who have adopted a child (children) domestically from Kibebe Tsehay orphange. Descriptive qualitative design was used to explore their world from own point of view. Eight adoptive parents including single mothers took part in the study and In-depth interview was used as a major tool. This study was conducted with a hope that it will serve as a tool for prospective adoptive parents, adoption service providers, social workers, other researchers and policy makers. The finding of the study indicated that adoptive parents mainly consider adoption due to infertility reasons and to give a permanent loving home for a child in need mostly driven by religious and moral convictions. It also revealed that the journey to adoption involves a lot of preparations and commitments. The study also indicated that all adoptive parents are not open about the adoption mainly with a need to protect their adopted children from isolation and stigma. Most families are by their own without any post adoption support system, networks or professional aid to deal with issues of adoption. Most of them don‘t see themselves very equipped to stand the societal pressure. Furthermore, this study had also shown that there is a lot to be done on public awareness and advocacy on the matter. It also tried to light up the way on how to better encourage other prospective adoptive parents to consider adoption and how more orphaned and vulnerable children can benefit through the miracles of adoption



Social Work