Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution Mechanism among the Inhabitants of Gwangwa and Debat’e Weredas

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Addis Ababa University


The central focus of this study was to explore and document the traditional peace making process among the inhabitants of Gwangwa and Debat’e Weredas. The study attempted to see the different performances of this process in Agaw, Shinasha, Amhara, Gumuz and Oromo in general and among them in particular. The different communication obstacles are also studied. In the literature review, various literatures that have connection with tradition and peace making were reviewed. Accordingly, different theories and concepts were used as a theoretical framework to this particular theme. The research method that was utilized in this study was qualitative. The study, by using focus group interviews and in-depth individual discussions, tried to explore the role that the traditional peace making plays in relation to the study. The respondents were selected purposely to find out the original culture. The members of peace committee in particular were also interviewed to make the study complete. The findings of the research demonstrated that the traditional peace making process is playing an important role in making peace in the area as well as in the regions. The responses of the respondents reveal that it is one of the heritages of Ethiopia. The significance of words and expressions in mitigating conflict were explored



explore and document the traditional peace making process among