Analysing The Practice Of Digital Marketing In Promoting Ethiopian Tourism In Case Of Ethiopian Tourism Organization

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to analysing the practice of digital marketing in promoting Ethiopian Tourism in case of Ethiopian Tourism Organization. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Interview, questionnaire and observation were the main data gathering tools. The interview was undertaken with marketing director and one marketing team leader of ETO and also 399 questionnaires were distributed to international tourists who were found in one of the major tourist destination: Addis Ababa. Out of which only 342 respondents’ returned properly which meant more than 85 percent coverage of total respondents. The collected data were analysed using both the descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings demonstrated that most of tourists who came to Ethiopia used search engines as their major source of tourist information , it was found out that ETO partially utilized the two digital marketing frameworks called attract and retain whereas ETO failed in the utilization of the three digital marketing frame works which are called engage , learn and relate back . Social media accounts (YouTube, Face book and twitter), Website, Search engine optimization, Mobile App and digital content were identified as the digital marketing elements which ETO is employed currently. The challenges of ETO to implement the digital marketing were identified. Six major challenges were recognized as prominent obstacle for ETO not implement the digital marketing tasks effectively. As a final point, the research was concluded raising major findings of the research and recommendation was given to the way forward for the organization under this study (ETO). In the meantime, the researcher also believed that these recommendations and the results of this study might be used as a reference for future researchers who will be interested to conduct their research on the tourism promotion using digital marketing frameworks



Digital Marketing, Digital marketing framework