The Effect Of Product Packaging On Sales Performance Of Coffee Processing Industry: A Case Study Of To.Mo.Ca Plc

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Addis Ababa University


Companies in order to create the right packaging for their products, they must understand their sales performance and also the role and the effect of packaging as a variable that can influence the sales of the product. Therefore, by understanding, what factors influence the sales performance and what packaging elements are most important that will help companies making the right decisions about product packaging. The research identified the dependent variable of the study that is the sales performance and some independent variables like packaging color, packaging material, printed information and innovation. The research mainly focuses on coffee processing company TO.MO.CA PLC which is one of the pioneers in production of coffee. There are 10 branches in Addis Ababa but by using convenience sampling, 5 branches were selected. The research data was collected through 385 structured questionnaires and SPSS V 25.0 was used to analyze the data collected and to test the hypotheses put forward. The result also showed packaging color, packaging material, product information and innovation all have a strong and positive relation with the sales performance as they were hypothesized. Based on the result of the study it is recommended that coffee companies should pay much attention specifically for product information and innovation packaging



Packaging attributes, sales performance