Exploring Challenges and Opportunities of Geferssa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (GMHRC) in its Rehabilitation Program in oromia Regional State (ORS)

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis had been developed based on searching answer for the basic research quest ion ··what ::Ire the challenges and opportunitics ofGMHRC?'·. To answer this questi on and other related sub questions the researcher used qualitative research design with special cmplo),rnent of C;l5e 5wdy strategy of inquiry. A total of27 participants were selected from sta ff members. family members ,111(1 rchabi lil<l led member of the center by using purposive (non-probability) sa illpling. Aftcr conducting interview, focus group discllssion, observat ion and document revicw different issucs were emerged fr0111 the empirical data. Based on the anal ysis of cmpirical data, prospects and challenges ofGMHRC in its rehabilitation program were identified. Accordi ngly, themes like poverty and related socio economic fa cturs, stigma and discrimination , comnhlllication barrier betwecn the management body and most of workers, absence of systems to manage violence and limited attention for psychosocial and sp iritual rehabilitation were developed as challenges of the center. Conceming the opportunitics of the center, the march of the center towards diinstitlLtionaliz< ltion. the action of creating, searching and con nccting admitted member or the ce nter with income generating activities and politic<l1 cotlunitnlent of the current government to promote mental health were identified. Tbe find ings ha ve implication for the soc ial work practice and research, pol icy makers and the center. Keywords: mental illness, rehabilitation, mental health, opportunities, chal1enges



Mentalillness, Rehabilitation, Mental health, Opportunities, Challenges