A Study on Factors Affecting Academic Achievement of Students at Bole Senior Secondary School

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Addis Abeba university


This study was designed to find alit the most important variables that affect the academic achievements of students at Bole Senior Secondwy School. The sample consisted of one hundred and twenty four students of which twenty four were assigned to the holdout sample and the remaining one hundred were used as the analysis sample. i tests and discriminant analysis were used to analyze the data. The results of x2 tests indicated that nine of the twenty variables significantly affect the achievements of students. Due to the presence of significant correlations among the variables seven of the twenty variables which affect the achievements of students significantly were selected by using stepwise discriminant analysis. The combined effect of the seven variables on achievement was sllmmarized in one canonical discriminant jill1ction and the jimction was effective in classifYing 79% of the holdout sample correctly. Among the selected variables, "sex" has the largest influence in determining the jimctioll. Based on the results, some conclusions are made



Affecting Academic Achievement