Factors Affecting Successful Implementation of ESW Project in Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA)

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to assess the factors affecting effective implementation of ESW project in Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), and further the study addressed the Project organizational structure factors, Human resource factors, Project governance factors, leadership factors and External factors that affect successful implementation of projects in the ESW project. The study used descriptive research design. Census Survey was a method used to gather data from the target group where the entire project implementing employees and the project overseeing unit who actually are entirely employees of the organization (ERCA). Primary type of data was collected with the help of standard questionnaires. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the data. The Project Organizational structure, Project Leadership and Governance and Project Human Resources are noted as the factors affecting effective implementation of the ESW project. These factors were not addressed appropriately so that they could significantly contribute to the success of the project implementation. It has been found that The ESW project were weak in its implementation, it is not well implemented to increase the chance of project implementation success so that the project get delivered and the maximum possible benefits would be reaped from. Finally the project and all other concerned stakeholders need to strengthen their support to plan sound and implementation facilitating project structure, Project leadership and Governance practices, and to acquiring the right number and quality (Skills, Knowledge) human resources while at the same time need to work on developing capacity of the project leaders and team members through systematic training programs, who the success of the project could largely depend on. The study is expected to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and open doors to realize the factors that affect successful implementation of the ongoing and potential projects and thereby projects and implementing organizations will be able to plan the necessary techniques to ensure effective implementation of projects it also serves as a base on which others can develop theirs. In that other relevant factors that are not considered in this research, same way the impacts that each of the factors addressed under this study could lay on the successful implementation of projects are suggested for further studies



Project implementation, Project structure, Project Human resource