A Factor Model to Predict the Construction Labour Productivity in Building Project: A Case Study of Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy Construction

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Addis Ababa University


In the construction industry, labor productivity is a key variable in the profitability of a construction project. The most challenging issue for planning a construction project is predicting the construction labor productivity (CLP) because it is affected with many factors that are objective and subjective ranging from internal to external. Based on review of the literatures, several research on CLP have been done in the past; however, a deeper understanding is still needed to control the construction labor productivity because parameters (factors and practices) influencing construction labor productivity are multifaceted and project dependent. In an attempt to predict CLP in construction projects, this research aims to identify, classify and quantify parameters (factors and practices) influencing the CLP of concrete placement, Rebar and formwork using a case study at the construction of the Meles Zenawi leadership academy situated at Goro by developing a multiple regression model .In this paper, the effective factors that affect the CLP were taken from a large literature review and 20 factors were classified into Management, Labor/human, technological and external termed based on the findings . In total, 222 data points have been collected for a period of two months on both daily and weekly basis. Multiple regression models have been developed for each activity. The slab formwork, column formwork, lift formwork and rebaring presented significant models with a coefficient of determination of 77.6%, 47.0%, 82.6% and 82.7%, respectively. In slab formwork activity, the study results indicated that increased crew size and complexity of the task decrease the CLP. In column formwork, the increase in level of interruption and disruption, crew size, working conditions and temperature will tend to lower the CLP, while the increase in the skills of labor and will increase the CLP. In lift formwork, the model shows that the increase in crew size, shortage of materials will decrease the CLP, whereas the increase in the crew experience and skills labor will increase it. For the rebaring activity the increase in skilled labor and clarity of technical specifications will considerably increase the CLP. In the study, the improvement strategies are also discussed.



Factors affecting the productivity construction labor productivity (CLP) multiple regressions