Assessment of Factors Affecting Interregional Conflict Resolution in Federal Ethiopia: The Case of Oromia and Somali Regions

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Addis Ababa University


The Ethiopian government designed a constitution that have a democratic and human rights that guaranteed for the citizen after the fall of Derg regime . All peoples of Ethiopia have a protection as national and regional in both international convention and Domestic laws within the country. This study was designed to assess the factors affecting interregional Conflict Resolution in Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia. In order to address the research objective, this study employed both the descriptive and explanatory research design. Moreover, both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were employed since mixed methods helps to make use of different data source. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources through questionnaires, interviews, document review, FGD and observation. The researcher used both probability and non probability sampling techniques to draw the sample. In total, 50 high experts,15 elders,10 leaders 10 persons from different societies were selected randomly and 25 key informants were purposefully selected. Finally, the raw data collected through the survey were analyzed based on qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques involving descriptive and SPSS analysis. From this analysis to bring sustainable peace within the two regions were the major problems within the stake holders. The study also found that differentiate the root cause and trigger or immediate cause of the two regions , unclear demarcation of territorial arrangement as a referendum and the miss use of legal binding actors are another problems. So, in order to accommodate the two regions people beneficial differentiations better to have solve demarcation of territorial boundaries problems and mediate genuinely and justice .



Assessment of Factors, ffecting Interregional Conflict Resolution, federal Ethiopia