Measuring Performance of Reverse Logistics System in Pet Bottles Recovery in Eabsco.

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Addis Ababa University


The East Africa Bottling Share Company(EABSCo) , Coca-Cola’s leading local independent franchise bottling partners, has commissioned a $50 million (ETB 800 million) to manufacture 750 ,000 recyclable bottles per day to meet increasing demand for Coca-Cola beverages in Ethiopia (Press release , Sept 2012). This research is aimed to measure the performance of reverse logistics in recovering PET bottles of EABSCo. Quantitative and qualitative research is employed. Both primary and secondary data gathered and analyzed. The study finding revealed although there is understanding and application of reverse logistics to recover asset such as Returnable Glass Bottles (RGB), this case does not indicated in terms of recovering post-consumer PET bottles. There supporting evidence unavailability legal enforcement in the country significantly affected EABSCo to engage in recovery of PET bottles through well established. There is evidence showing absence of legal framework is reflected on company’s policy failure to embrace as must to do activities. This further implied for lack of recognizing recovering PET bottles as a key competitive of the company. In Conclusion, according to Alvarez-Gil et al. (2007), supply chain players are suggested to be the motivators of reverse logistics implementation. In contrary , there is no effort being done linked to recovering of PET bottles either through its well own recovery chain or through creating integration with inform waste recovery chain. The research is limited by unavailability of information due to thematic areas new areas for the industry. In terms of future areas of research measuring the performance which includes the full supply chain actors is an areas which requires further investigations. Secondly, additional research can be conducted to understand the product life cycle analysis of PET bottles in Ethiopia. Further research could also be done to better understand the social and economic impact of improper waste disposal that might arise from plastic wastes such as PET bottles



Eabsco., Bottles recovery, Reverse logistics