Impact of Akebabiyachin (Environmental) Radio Program Through the Eyes of the Rural Communities of Arsi Negelle.

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims at investigat ing the impact of Akebabyachin (Environmenta l) radio program on the rura l communities of Ethiopia with part icular foc us on Arsi Negelle communities; and the study has been informed by the Social Cognitive theoretical perspectives. A qualitative methodological approach was employed for gathering relevant data for the study. Accord ingly, Focus Group Discuss ion and in-depth interview were the main data gathering too ls used . Three focus group discuss ions and in-depth interview were carried out with 30 participants selected purposive ly from the communities of Arsi Negell e and 2 partic ipants from the radio program producers. The study reveals that Akebabychin rad io program has brought about considerable positive impact on the communities of Arsi Negell e, partic ularly in re lation to minim izing deforestation and so il erosion. The study also confirms that the palti cipants of the study considered the program as useful and informative and its transmission time to be convenient. However, they complained about the duration of the program being not suffi cient considering the importance of the program. Based on the findi ngs, the study has suggested pertinent recommendat ions for future consideration.



Radio Program, Rural