Dispute Settlement Mechanism in WTO - least Developed Countries' Perspective

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Addis Ababa


This paper aspires to examine the dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organization from the perspective of Least developed Member Countries. The WTO dispute settlement Mechanism (DSM) hailed by many as one of the innovations of WTO and a truly successful aspect of the Organization, is considered to be one of the major, if not the only advantage WTO offers to its Members. However, LDC Members of the WTO have never been to enjoy this advantage. In this paper, we will attempt to address this issue starting from its historical background, going through the possible causes of the non- utilization, to suggestion regarding how to change the situation. Because of absence of track record regarding LDCs' experience in WTO dispute settlement mechanism the paper is forced to r ely on few available sources and forced to m a ke a somehow higher dose of forecast, bordering on purely theoretical discussion. Finally, the paper will attempt to make some remarks and Suggestions to reform the system so as to make it effectively accommodate LDCs.