Improving Adherence of Ethiopian Hospital Reform Implementation Guideline Patient flow Standard in Adigrat General Hospital, Tigray, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Problem statement: assessment of patient flow standard met is too low in Adigrat general hospital. Objective: Increasing the number of completed (met) patient flow standards in Adigrat general hospital in order to improve patient outcome. Result: The percentage of patient flow standards showed an improvement from 23% to 85%. Patients triage within five minute also increased from 40% to 90% as the result of this improvement emergency mortality rate decreased from 0.3% to 0.1 %. Method: pre-post intervention study was conducted in Adigrat general hospital which is located in Adigrat town, Tigray Northern Ethiopia. Paired sample t-test pre-post used to determine whether statistical difference exists between pre and post intervention result. Conclusion: provision of training on emergency case management can plays great role in reduction of mortality in emergency Room. Moreover, establishing patient flow team has a great impact for adopting different type of protocols and procedures according the contexts of the hospital and also adherence to the Ethiopian hospitals reform implementation guide line can result significant ( p value .001) improvement in patient flow standards in Health facility. Recommendation: Full Implementation of the Ethiopian Hospital Reform Implementation Guide line (EHRIG) strategies should be made and it is better to establish patient flow standard teams from different departments and professions.



Improving Adherence of Ethiopian Hospital Reform