Sexual Abu e of Male Children in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Child sexual abuse is a complex social problem that threatened the well being of children in our communities. It is the sale responsibilities of no one of the agencies or government rather every member of our society has to be concerned about it in view of safe guarding the future of growing children. The problem seems to persist in the society despite the lack of attention due to cultural, traditional and religious factors that considers it a taboo and restrains people from openly addressing the issue. Recent studies have showed that boy children sexual abuse is among the social problems in Addis Ababa and other major towns of the country. Reports of the studies uncovered the causes of male children sexual abuse, the impacts on the well being of abused children and interventions to address the problem. This research, besides extending the findings of previous studies, will investigate how social systems and institutions and the change in the social structure either contributed for the prevalence of or failed to address the needs and rights of abused children. It will look into the major causes, consequences of the problem, how existingfacilities responded and its implication for social work practice as a growing discipline in Ethiopia. The study has described the problem based on the information generated from reported data to the police, administration of questionnaire to 21 abused children, and by complementing the information with an in-depth interview held with four victim children and young persons. Hence, it isfound out that the family which is responsible for character formation and soc1alization is challenged with problems of adjustment with changing environment. It couldn 't properly control and guide growing children who become either abusers or victims of sexual abuse. Other institutions like the legal system as part of the larger social system are not found to be functioning properly to protect children from abuses. On the other hand, abused children have encountered serious psychosocial, physical and emotional problems and in some cases the abuse has influenced their sexual behaviour. Interventions pertaining to the empowerment offamilies, and strengtheningfacilities available,for children would help to prevent the problem from further expansion and to establish effective responses to abused children. Social work interventions should focus on mezzo and macro level interventions whose effects will likely trickle down to support services to individuals



Social Work