Community Participation in Sport Activities in Bensa Woreda, Sidama Zone, Snnprs

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Addis Abeba university


Bensa woreda was used to explore the participation of the community in sport activities. It finds Around 99.9% of boys and girls of ages between 15-18 had taken part in one or more sport and recreation activities at least once “this year”. The likelihood of an individual taking part in sport is affected by many factors, the most obvious being age, sex, economic circumstances, health, life stage, available time and other responsibilities, these are more evident in household heads survey. Simple Random Sampling Method, and Both qualitative and quantities data were used in order to analyze and interpret the data. Surprisingly, the Participation in sport and recreation varies widely by household type. For example, people from households with children are more likely to participate, while lone have the lowest rates of Participation compared with lone adults and those from households with two and above adults and children who have the highest. The findings of this paper could justify further research need to be developed and explored on participation of the community in sport activities in particular and contribution of sport to economic growth and development in general. Such studies need to be carried out at zonal and regional level for further application of the studies in the policy framework. Key words: community, participation, development, recreation, fitness, household heads



Community; Participation; Development; Recreation; Fitness; Household Heads