Assessment of Outcome and Associated factors of adult poisoning cases at Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from January 1,2015 to December 31, 2020

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Addis Abeba University


Background: With the widespread availability of a vast number of chemicals and drugs, acute poisoning is a common medical emergency worldwide. Morbidity & mortality associated with poisoning is becoming a major public health issue in many countries. Although it has been known that this public problem is a pressing issue in Ethiopia, the extent and magnitude of poisoning is not yet properly explored. Objective: The objective of this study was to assess outcome and associated factors of adult poisoning cases at Tikur Anbessa Specialized hospital. Methods: This was hospital based cross sectional study of adult poisoning cases at TASH from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2020. Data was collected through retrospective chart review by using structured questionnaire which was prepared from previous literatures with few amendments. The data was coded, cleaned and entered in to SPSS version 26 software program for further analysis. Descriptive statistics, bivariate and multivariate analysis was done to assess the outcome and associated factors and the odd ratio obtained was used as approximation of relative risk. P values less than 0.05 were considered significant. Results: The overall case fatality rate was 13.7% and the overall discharge rate was 86.3%. The common causes of death were Rodenticides (n=10), Barbiturates (n=8) and Organophosphates(n=5). Relative to rural, being from urban place of residence was strongly associated with discharge (AOR=6.384, 95%CI=1.270-32.098, P=0.024). Relative to other main management options, patients who required intubation were less likely to be discharged (AOR=0.045,95%CI=0.003 0.776, p=0.033). Conclusion: In this study the overall case fatality rate was 13.7% which is very high as compared to the findings of other studies done in the country so far. Urban place of residence & management with intubation were independent predictors of outcome. Awareness on proper handling of chemicals should be forwarded to users of these agents by public health workers



Adult poisoning, Outcome, Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital