The Effect of Training on Employees Performance: The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction

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Training provides individuals with specific, recognizable information and abilities to apply to their current job, as the learning process is linked to a range of organizational aims. The objective of this study was to assess the mediating effect of job satisfaction in the relationship between training and employee performance of Akaki-Kaliti sub-city. To achieve the objective, the researcher distributed a total of 177 questionnaires to employees of the sub-city. From the distributed questioners 172(97.2%) were collected and used in the data analysis. The study used a cross sectional survey with descriptive and explanatory research design that uses a quantitative research approach. The study indicates that, employee’s performance in Akaki-Kaliti sub-city was practiced at great extent. Furthermore training and job satisfaction result were lies neutral level in the organization. The result in the Pearson correlation coefficient revealed that there is a significant correlation between training, job satisfaction and employee performance. Statistical Package Social Science (SPSS) version 26 and PROCESS macro v4.0 that developed by DR. Andrew Hayes was employed to analysis the data. Indeed, all independent variables have positively correlated with mediators and dependent variables. The finding of the study indicates that the independent variable training and the mediator variable Employee job satisfaction have a positive and significant effect and the mediator variable job satisfaction has positive and significant effect on employee performance. To recomende the study,the mediating effect of job satisfaction has highest predicting effect than other training variable, so any governmental or non organization should be give attaintion for job bsatisfaction as intervention activities to maximaize employees performance



Training, Employee job satisfaction and employee performance