Teachers Turnover, Contributing Factors and the Implications forQuality Education in Government Secondary and Preparatory Schools inYeka Sub-City

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Addis Ababa University


This study was designed to assess factors affecting teacher turnover in government secondary and preparatory schools in Yeka sub city. To examine major reasons for the prevailing high teacher turnover and consequences on the quality of education, in the four selected secondary and preparatory schools in the sub city. The study was prompted by the overwhelming teacher attrition in the sub city. The study employed descriptive survey, questionnaires, interviews, and document reviews as instruments for data collection. The study conducted on randomly selected 150 teachers and 8 principals of the sampled government schools focused on how personal, institutional and community related factors affect teacher turnover and how these implicate education quality. Analysis of the findings of the study indicate more than half of the government secondary and preparatory schools teachers leave within the first five years. Findings show that the institutional factors including poor payment, poor management, poor working conditions, students’ misbehavior as well as lack of supervision and participatory decision making are the biggest factors for teacher attrition. Personal and community related factors like low income, low status of the teaching profession contributed. The recommendation is that all stakeholders may consider putting educational policies and strategies attracting and retaining teachers in place to ensure better education system and outcomes in the sub city.



Teachers Turnover, Contributing Factors and, the Implications forQuality