The Effect Of Advertising On Consumers’ Purchase Intention The Case Of Soap And Detergent Ads In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research was undertaken to investigate the effect of advertisement on consumers purchase intention of soap and detergents. The literatures reviewed discussed theories, types and other researches related to the study variables. Consumer behavior had also been covered briefly. The research used descriptive approach and described quantitatively factors related to consumer purchase intention of soap and detergents. As a main focus, the effect of advertisement characters on consumers purchase intention had been studied. Advertisement which is the independent variable was further sub categorized into understandably, memorability, credibility and originality. Purchase intention was identified as the dependent variable. Primary data was collected from consumers using a five point like hart scale questionnaire and secondary data was collected from different sources. A total of 384 questioners were distributed of which 330 were properly filled and returned for further analysis. All the 330 questioners were analyzed using SPSS. The Pearson correlation coefficient indicated that all the independent variables are correlated positively with the dependent variables. Originality, understandability and memorability were found to be strongly correlated while credibility is moderately correlated. Regression analysis was also applied and the results indicated that all the aforementioned variables are significant. Among the independent variables originality owned a highest beta score followed by credibility, understandability and memorability. Based on the findings, a mathematical model of regression had been put forward and it is recommended that the variables should be incorporated in advertisement campaign to design an effective advertisement. Hence this research adds a new dimension to advertisement industry as well as to the literatures of soap and detergent marketing



Advertisement, Purchase Intention