Assessment on Multi-cultural Intervention for Autistic Children: The case of Joy, Nehemiah and Ryan Autism Centers

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Addis Ababa University


This qualitative study is conducted to examine issues related with multiculturalism to effectively intervene with autistic children found in care centers of autism. The study focuses on three autism centers namely Joy center for children with autism and related developmental disorders, Nehemiah autism center and Ryan autism center. This study has essentially examined those interventions that are helpful when working with multicultural children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder the clandestine affecting such interventions. Data was collected through nine semi-structured interviews with professionals who work with these autistic children inside the three autism treatment centers. Additionally 22 open ended questioners were distributed to practitioners in the treatment centers with the rational of maximizing acquired data. Grounded theory methods and open coding were used in this study to analyze codes in the data and recorded common themes from the collected data. Findings of this study produced themes separated into three categories: language, accessibility and culture as barriers affecting multi-cultural intervention. Additionally in terms of helpful interventions for multicultural children, participants of this study recommended interventions developed under the model of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to be more helpful while treating these autistic children with diverse background applying individualistic treatments depending on specific needs using speech therapy, occupational therapy, social interaction enhancement therapy, and picture exchange therapy while teaching them self-help skills like toilet training



Autism; Children; Grounded theory; Language; Multicultural