Factors Influencing Employee Turonver Intention Evidence From Transport Ministry And Ministry Of Revenues

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Turnover intention is an employee’s cognitive desire to voluntarily leave their organization. It is the major determinant for actual turnover. The objective of this study is to identify the relationship between casual factors and employee turnover intention in the case of the Transport Ministry and Ministry of Revenues. Quantitative research approach is used; explanatory and descriptive survey research design is adopted. A total of 363 employees, 222 from Ministry of Revenue and 141 from Ministry of Transport, are selected with simple random sample. Data collected through questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS 20 version. The analysis involves both descriptive and inferential statistics. In addition to the questionnaires, a document was reviewed to gather the annual turnover data and the legal framework of the individual organization. The test engages frequency distribution, Pearson Correlation Coefficient, ANOVA and Regression. The result of the findings at Ministry of Revenues indicates the major factors for turnover intention to be supervisor employee relationship, job related factors and salary-benefit of employee. The result of the findings at Ministry of Transport indicate the major factors for turnover intention to be job related factors ,salary- benefit and career growth. Furthermore the result indicates that there is a high turnover intention at both of the ministry offices. Generally, it was concluded the core factor for turnover intention at Ministry of Revenues to be lack of smooth employee supervisor relation, pay dissatisfaction and job related factors. Whereas job related factors, pay dissatisfaction and lack of career advancement are core factors for turnover intention at Ministry of Transport. The recommendation highlighted that the Ministry of Revenues should develop smooth supervisor employee relation, provide enough autonomy for the employees and develop attractive salary and benefit system. Likewise, Ministry of Transport should develop appropriate job fit, develop attractive salary-benefit and reward system. Generally, it was recommended that managers revise salary and benefit packages, provide fair promotion opportunity and allow employee to participate in the decision making process.


A Thesis Submitted to Addis Ababa University College of Business and Economics in partial fulfilment of the requirements for Master of Art in Business Administration specialization in Management


Employee, Government Organization, Turnover Intention