An Analysis of the Cause and Impact of Corruption and Anti-corruption Movement: A Case Study of Bahir Dar City Administration. (1996-1999 e.c.)

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This thesis analyzes the cause and impact of corruption; and the anti-corruption movelllent ill Bahir-Dar city Adminislmtion from 1996 up to 1999 e. c. to this effect data have been collected through both closed and open ended questionnaire from five randomly selected kebele administrations; and 250 respondents were selected randomly and 25 officials were also asked to respond to the questionnaire. besides this analysis the report of ANRS Ethics and anticorruption commission and personal observation of the researcher have been incorporaled ill 10 the research The study shows that exis tence of lengthy work procedure; lack of severe penalty on corrupt officials; absence of polilical stability; and cultuml problem related to corruplion are the 11111111 causes of corruption in the study area. Moreover, activities like leasing of land, purchas iug of goods and services thr01lgh bid process, traffic services, recruitment, promotion and trnn sfer of employees are the activities which lead to and result in corrupt practices. Corruption has washed out the trust of officials in government, influenced all public service delivery, and also become an obstacle for developmental activities of the city adlllinistralioll