A Study on the Assessment of Patterns and Complication of Foreign Body Aspiration Among Children Visited Pediatrics Emergency Room of Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa.Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction: Foreign body (FB) aspiration is the act of accidentally inhaling a foreign body, usually materials, food or drink. It is the leading cause of death all parts of the world. Foreign body (FB) aspirations in childhood are frequently emergency conditions especially in less than 3 years age, comprising an important proportion of accidental deaths one of the leading causes of death young children that almost 600 children under 15 years of age die per year in the USA Objectives: This study aims to determine the patterns of foreign body aspiration among children at Tikuer Anebsa Specialized Hospital Pediatric Methods: All patients with FB aspiration treated at Tikuer Anebsa Emergency Department. specialized hospital in the department of pediatric emergency OPD over a period o f three year from January 2014 to Decmber2016.were.retrospectively.reviewed. Result :-From the total 5412 surgery patients who visited the pediatric emergency department of TASH during the study period,289 (5.3%) were foreign body aspiration patients. From secondery data showed Out of the 289 cases 150 cards having complet information about pattern and complication of FB. Among the participants 95 (63.3%)were males and 55 (36.7%) were females, giving a male to female ratio of 1.7:1. The patients’ mean ages 59.05 months(5 years) with the ranged of 6 months to 13 years. 41(27.3%) of the victims were between 12-36 months ( 1-3years). The most common cause of foreign body aspiration is crops / seeds accounted 54(36.0%) from these bean is common. Plastic and metallic materials high in frequency of foreign body aspiration accounted 44(29.3%) & 28(18.7%) respectively.Almost all of the patients 149(99.3%) have sudden onset of cough, 84(56%) and 25(16.7%) of the patients have sudden onset of difficulty in breathing and vomiting respectively. Most of the patients 71 (47.3%) have high grade fever. 52(34.7%) and 43(28.7%) of cases have lodgment on the right main v bronchus and trachea respectively. The average time of arrival to hospital is 17.6 days and ranged from 1 hour to 360 days. The majority of patients 61(40.7%) arrived to hospital after aspiration is within 3-7 days. Only 21(14%) of patients arrived with in 24 hours. 68(46% ) of FBA patients developed complications. From these 44(64.7%) were aspiration pneumonia. 139(92.7%) of cases were managed with surgical procedure. Bronchoscopy was done for most of the cases 140(93.3%) . The average length of stay was 7(6.7) days days.vi ranged from 1 day to 61 Keywords;-Foreign body aspiration, children, pattern, Ethiopia



Foreign body aspiration; children; pattern; Ethiopia