An Assessment On Project Quality Management Practice: The Case Of Ethiopian Road Authority

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Addis Ababa University


Quality is one of the most prioritized parameter to consider while undertaking any construction projects in parallel quality in infrastructures is a significant factor to consider, accordingly this study will assess the quality management practice in ERA road project in order to assess this parameter top management involvement, communication and challenges faced while practicing quality management in the projects were considered. To achieve these objectives data were collected using quantitative methods from sample size of 51 with response rate 80% of personnel's and experts who are concerned with quality management in the projects and analyzed using descriptive statistics focusing on the mean, standard deviation and percentages, which is calculated using statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) version 20. The validity and internal consistency of the instrument were checked and measured using Cronbach Alpha were the result was greater than 70%, which can signifies that reliability of data was good. The finding revile that top management involvement and communication of quality information to be good in the projects, even though there are quality management policy and strategy, adequate training in quality management for employees and willingness of project staff to accept quality management system in the projects these projects face inefficient resource management, inadequate technical skill and regular supervision in the projects, Therefore it is recommended to have sufficient and adequate technical skill, resource management and supervision in the projects.



Project, Practice, Quality, Quality management