Dry Ports Service Quality in Ethiopia: the Case of Modjo and Kaliti Dry Ports and Terminals A- Comparative Study

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Addis Ababa University


This is a research on comparative study of service quality of Modjo and Kaliti dry ports and terminals. Given the increased importance of dry port and terminal services and the associated inefficiencies and drawbacks in service quality, this study is expected to contribute to the improvement of the dry ports service. This research is conducted with the general objective of comparative analysis of Modjo and Kaliti dry ports and terminals in terms of service quality in the perception of customers through SERVQUAL model.To address the stated research questions, the researcher employed non-experimental, survey type, descriptive and comparative research design. Data was collected from both primary and secondary source; primary data were collected through questionnaires and for secondary data document analysis were made. The study employed probability sampling techniques to select the participant of the study and accordingly, an aggregate of 289 respondents were selected and participated in this study and out of these, data were obtained from 270 respondents. The researcher used SERVQUAL model as research instrument. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential approach. Descriptive analysis uses measurement of central tendency and measure of dispersion. Inferential analysis uses correlation so as to assess the relationship between the service quality dimensions and comparing the two dry ports service quality in terms of these dimensions. Data analysis revealed that there is low level of expectation among customers and a corresponding low level of perceived service quality in both dry ports and terminals. Also these SERVQUAL gap score is naught. Moreover, the study has found that Kaliti dry port and terminal performed worse than Modjo. Following these results, recommendations are given to improve the service quality of the two dry ports



Terminals, Kaliti, Modjo