Pedestrian Energy Harvesting System from Walkway of

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Addis Ababa is a primate city that needs enormous amount of energy to up keep the socioeconomic development. The frequent black out are signs for looking other alternatives of energy. One of the on-site energy alternatives could be harvested from the pedestrian flow in the city. This flow could be used to harvest and augment its energy supply. Thus, in this work a mechanism that utilizes the dense pedestrian flow for energy generation has been sought for and tested at laboratory scale. After analyzing the pedestrian flow at Aratkilo, Piassa and Mexico and determining their number of pedestrian with in a specific set of time or the Pedestrian Level of Service (PLOS), a machine has been constructed. Parts of the selected streets with PLOS level ‘D’ (15-20) pedestrian foot per minute(PF/M) and ‘E’ (20-25 PF/M) were found to be fit for the system Since PLOS of “A”, “B” and “C” are not dense enough and “F” is too congested for the system.. Street vending, street furniture, queuing and platooning affected walking experience and speed of pedestrians as well as the feasibility of the system. The prototype has been tested and modified at the laboratory and the result has shown that an average of 0.21 (p=2.50954E-20) electric volt for the first group with weight range of 49 -78 kg and 0.2 (p= 1.1495E-25) for the second group of weight range of 54-76 kg has been harvested. This work has demonstrated that pedestrian flow in the main and secondary centers of the city if channeled properly could be a good source of on-site renewable energy for a city aspiring to be sustainable. It also indicates the need for integrated urban design solution for urban challenges. .


This Thesis is Prepared for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Degree of Masters of Science (Urban Design and Development) complies with the regulations of the university and meets the accepted standards with respect to originality and quality


PLOS, Urban Design, Weight, Sustainable, Electric energy harvesting, Pedestrian flow, Pedestrian flow, ustainabl