Provision of Underpass Pedestrian Crossings in Addis Ababa Railway Construction Projects

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Addis Ababa University


The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AA-LRT) Project consists of E-W & N-S lines, with the total length of the mainline 31.025km has been operational since the end of 2015. The project is implemented to solve the transportation problem of the city at large, but it is identified that the drawback regarding the pedestrian cross is the major cause of the traffic accidents. This problem of pedestrian cross needs a critical solution for the sustainability of the railway service and integrated traffic flows. The provision of underpass pedestrian crossing enhances safety of pedestrians, save time and solve traffic conflicts. An oral interview questionnaire was administered by interviewing pedestrians who were crossing on the railway station as part of demographic survey. The oral interview also included the vendors selling their goods on the underpass pedestrian crossing and business people with hawkers surrounding the underpass pedestrian crossing. As alternative recommendation, to solve the above problems providing an appropriate path for pedestrians is vital. Constructing pedestrian underpass crossing on the Addis Ababa Railway Construction Projects is one solution for preventing the railway traffic accident in Addis Ababa. This solution or facilities can represent one of the most important elements of a community’s non -motorized transportation network. These structures are built in response to user demand for safe crossings where they previously did not exist. They are provided at locations where there are hazardous pedestrian crossing conditions like in areas where there are few or no gaps in the traffic stream, conflicts between motorists and pedestrians and in locations where large numbers of school children cross busy streets. The final sample design of Reinforced concrete Bridge superstructures having clear span length of 10 meters and 4.0 meters high bridge clearance with stair and ramps. The pedestrian underpass crossing is located at Ayat – Megenegna and Kality – Meskel Square at every 300m provide pedestrian crossing. Safe and Convenient access to business, civic activities and other modes of transportation.



Structural Engineering