Causes for Relapse of Addiction among Substance Abuser after Having Treatment in Rehabilitation Center and its Consequences

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The aim of the study was to identify the causes of relapse among substance abusers after substance use disorder treatment. A qualitative, exploratory case study research design was used for the study. A total of six patients with relapse case under treatment and two health professionals were selected using purposive sampling technique. In-depth interviews and key informant interview were employed to collect data. In using this technique, it was supplemented by inclusive criteria to make the selection free of the researcher’s bias. The data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The site of the study was St. Paul Millennium medical college rehabilitation center and Amanuel mental specialized hospital rehabilitation center. The findings show that psychosocial effects like negative emotional states, lack of support, and peer pressures are recounted in factors causing relapse. Environmental factor and Economic problems are the other relevant causes of relapse revealed by the study. The finding also revealed that, health, psychology, social relationship and economy were affected by relapse. It is recommended that structured, holistic aftercare should be implemented. Effective relapse prevention should be made by understanding causes of relapse. Based on the findings of the study, future research areas and effective interventions were forwarded. There are only few researches done on the causes of relapse in Ethiopian context, so this research will contribute essential information for future researchers



Drug, Substance Use, Substance abuse. Substance Abuser and Relapse