Assessing The Challenges Of Warehouse Management: The Case Of Habesha Brewery Share Company

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Addis Ababa University


Warehouse management is a very critical part of the common activities in production firms, and there are a lot of challenges that come against its business profitability goal ; being focused on assessing the challenges of warehouse management, this thesis is designed as a case study, and both quantitative and qualitative methods were applied for data collection and data analysis purpose. Questionnaires were used to gather the quantitative data while interview was used to collect the qualitative data; the quantitative data is dominantly analyzed through percentage and the qualitative data is verbally explained. The findings of the study revealed that there were four challenging activities in the warehouse management of Habesha Breweries share company. Poor warehouse space utilization was one of the challenges. Regarding inventory management, product surplus and with their SKU, the use of an open yard for the purpose of storing different materials were the other challenges identified by this study; and finally, the study discovered that managing reverse logistics was challenging the warehouse’s speed and cost efficiency. Therefore, the study recommends that improving the warehouse’s space utilization, supporting the warehouse by better communication system that can enable it detect the external environment, giving priority to store safety and leaving the work of reverse logistics for third party can help it overcome the challenges.



Warehouse Management, Challenges, Warehouse management