The Implementation of Biosafety and Emerging Bio-Technologies in Ethiopia: Policy and Legal Framework

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The research assessed the existing biosafety regulatory regime with regard to emerging biotechnologies in Ethiopia by identifying the emerging biotechnologies. The research identified common characteristics and components in biosafety regulatory systems of emerging biotechnologies in Ethiopia with reference to related provisions of the Cartagena Protocol, CBD, African model law on safety technology and supplementary protocol. The study assessed that whether the Ethiopian biosafety regulatory regime does comply with the provisions of CBD, and the Cartagena Protocol by taking its rules as minimum standard and encompasses the regulation of emerging biotechnologies. In addition the study has shown that the Ethiopia biosafety regulatory regime is more comprehensive than the protocol and African model law as it regulates the international transboundary movement of MOs which are the product of emerging biotechnologies even though there is a gap of regulation with regard to the domestic development of MOs by emerging biotechnologies. Finally, the research has given recommendations on possible ways in which Ethiopia might comprehensively regulate MOs of emerging biotechnology and improve its national biosafety regulatory systems which enable the biosafety regulatory system to become more effective in protecting the environment and human health.