Assessment Of Monitoring And Evaluation Practice (The case study of Save the Children International) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Monitoring and Evaluation practices are very essential to deliver the project/program based on the interest of all stakeholders. It is also important for effective and efficient implementation of the program. Even if monitoring and evaluation is important, it is not known how and to what extent are practicing monitoring and evaluation in the context of Save the children international of meal program. This research, thus, is in the very rationale of assessing the practice and challenges associated with M&E practices of meal program in save the children with a purpose of filling this gap. Following a review of the literatures related to the problem understudy, a survey questioner was developed and distributed to 13 professionals working in meal department finally, 12 respondents filled in and returned the questioner properly This research employed judgmental sampling technique for acquisition of quantitative data all the six challenges were found related to M&E practice by the implementation of the meal program.



M&E practice, challenges of M&E practice