Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice and Associated Factors among Selected Governmental High School Students Towards First Aid In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


Background: - First aid is immediate help provided to a sick or injured person until professional help arrives. Globally about one million children die from preventable injuries every year (21). This study was intended to determine knowledge, attitude and practice and associated factors among selected governmental high school students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Methodology: the study was conducted in selected governmental high schools of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from March 10 to April 1, 2018. School based descriptive cross sectional study design were implemented to select 633 students using multistage cluster sampling. Interviewer administered structured questionnaire were used to collect the data. The collected data was cleaned and entered into epi info version 7 and exported to SPSS Ver.23 for analysis. Binary and Multiple logistic regression models were used to indicate the association between variables. Results: - From the total 626 study participants, 367(58.6%) were females. The mean age of the participants was 16.29 (SD+ 1.047). Sources of information for the majority of the students were family 486 (77.1%). Only 280(44.7%) of the study subject were knowledgeable about first aid. Majority 583(93.1%) of the study subjects have positive attitude towards first aid. From the total, about 392(62.6%) of study subjects had gave first aid to needy. Maternal educational level AOR 2.670(95% CI; 1.554 - 4.588), Heard about first aid AOR 2.611 (95% CI; 1.529-4.458), had trained on first aid AOR 2.259(95% CI; 1.585- 3.219) were factors significantly associated with knowledge and practice level of study subjects. Conclusion and Recommendation: -Results reported in this paper suggested the need for immediate and pragmatic steps to be taken to curb the problem of losing of lives that are occurring at schools due to lack of knowledge and skill. In particular, there is urgent need to introduce first aid course into the curriculum to address this public health problem that is claiming to be affecting the lives of economically productive age group.



first aid, knowledge, attitude, practice, students