Teratogenic Risk Awareness and Practice of Contraceptive use among Reproductive Age Women with Bipolar Disorder Attending Amanuel Specialized Mental Hospital, Facility based Cross Sectional Study

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Addis Ababa University


Background Treatment of bipolar disorder in female patients pauses great difficulty because medications that are being used have risk of causing congenital malformations and neurodevelopmental problems in babies born to mothers who took the drugs during their pregnancy and also women with bipolar disorder have higher risk of untended pregnancies and birth related complications than the general population. So female patients who are in the reproductive age group should be aware of these risks and should be able to take necessary precautions which include pregnancy planning, effective contraceptive use and folate supplementation. Objective To assess awareness of teratogenic risk and practice of contraceptive use among reproductive age women with bipolar disorder Methods A hospital-based cross-sectional quantitative study was conducted at Amanuel Specialized mental Hospital. Samples of 384 consecutive outpatients with bipolar disorder diagnosis were enrolled. Data was collected using structured questionnaire which was administered by psychiatry nurses. Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Version - 21. Results – 384 participants who had follow up at Amanuel specialized mental hospital outpatient clinic participated in the study. About 40% of participants reported that they have awareness about teratogenic risk of mood stabilizer treatment. 38.28% reported current use of contraceptive methods. Among the participants who were taking mood stabilizers 223(60.6) did not use contraceptive11111111111111111 Conclusions -In this study, the majority of women with bipolar disorder did not have awareness about teratogenic risk and majority of them reported that they were not using contraceptive methods. Psychoeducation about teratogenic risk and the need for contraceptive use for women with bipolar disorder attending psychiatric outpatient clinic should be strengthened. Key words: bipolar disorder, women, contraceptive, teratogen, Amanuel specialized mental hospital, Ethiopia



bipolar disorder, women, contraceptive, teratogen, Amanuel specialized mental hospital, Ethiopia