Marketing Communication Strategies of Micro and Small Enterprises: Case Study in Bahir Dar

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Addis Ababa University


The contribution of Micro and Small Enterprises in alleviating poverty and in initiating economic development is found tremendous. Unfortunately, the development and contribution of MSEs in Bahir Dar could not be significant as expected or required. They have being faced financial and infrastructural constraints. Besides, they are involving in the competitive business environment with big firms and companies, and in the society who have long standing attitudinal problem towards MSEs and their products. Generally, MSEs in Bahir Dar are found in the deficiency situation of generating customers for their products and services. The aim of the research, therefore, is exploring the marketing communication strategies used by MSEs in Bahir Dar, analyzing those marketing communication strategies within the frame work of marketing communication principles, and identifying appropriate marketing communication strategies that suit the business and socio-cultural context of the study area. The researcher used qualitative research method and in-depth individual interview and focus group interview as data gathering instruments to perform the study. The outcome of the research has indicated that MSEs have not used appropriate marketing communication strategies and in the way that could tackle those business and socio-cultural problems. They rarely and inefficiently used media publicity, exhibition and word-of-mouth marketing communication tools. But, the application of only commercial marketing techniques and to such level could not be efficient in this business and socio-cultural environment. And implementation of social marketing technique is crucially important to tackle long standing and deep rooted negative attitude of the society to MSEs and their products in addition to appropriate application of publicity and word-of-mouth marketing communication.



Micro and Small Enterprises